The Best NFT DAO For Earning Passive Income

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About PINC


Passive Income Revenue Sharing

The Passive Income NFT Club (PINC) is a group of people that believes in the possibilities of NFT. We believe NFTs can change people’s lives. With too many rugs & scams, they want to change the perspective of NFTs to a positive side to support mass adoption and the use of NFTs in real life. Together we can protect each other from all the scams and strive for a wealthy and joyful life.

PINC invests in NFT sets that create passive income. The revenues are shared between PINC NFT holders.

Building Passive Income NFT DAOs

PINC builds multiple DAOs focused on different niches in the NFT space that provide passive income:

  • Micro shares DAO
  • Casino NFT DAO

    Future DAOs

- Lending DAO
- Mining NFT DAO

- Crypto Trading NFT DAO

- Royalties NFT DAO

- Real Estate NFT DAO

Join The Club 


Genesis Membership Pass - SOLD OUT

The Genesis Membership Pass is your exclusive ticket to our full DAO with passive income perks. All Genesis Holders gain passive income by being a member of the club, including access to hands-on support, and guidance from NFT traders, among other benefits. PINC is about building a community over time that will increase in both financial and social value.

Membership perks

  • Voting power: Genesis Members almost have full power on the roadmap
  • Royalties sharing: 50% of the Genesis royalties are shared between holders
  • Free AirDrop from every new NFT set
  • Bonus royalty airdrops: 25% of the secondary sales from every new NFT DAO
  • Bonus investment revenue: 5% of the investment revenues from every new NFT DAO
  • Revenue from future Genesis community wallet investments, for example NFT lending.

Supply: 100
Mint price: 5 SOL

Limited edition

Our DAOs


PINC Microshares 🍰 SOLD OUT

With PINC Microshares we buy NFTs from the Passive Income NFT Club (PINC) which gives passive income to our PINC Microshares DAO. Revenue will be reinvested consistently into PINC NFTs and distributed between all Microshare holders. Over the long term, even small amounts of money can turn into thousands of dollars if invested wisely. By creating PINC Microshares DAO we also prevent other fake PINC Microshare sets from being created and rug pulled.

PINC Microshare Perks

  • Voting power about DAO investments
  • Monthly revenue airdrops.

Supply: 1000
Mint price: 0.2 SOL



PINC Casino is a DAO that invests in Casino NFTs that provide the DAO (and the holders) with passive income. 

PINC Casino Perks

  • Voting power about DAO investments
  • Monthly revenue airdrops.

Supply: 1000
Mint price: 2 SOL